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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Gallery is Open!

I have added a new section to Vertizontal. You can now visit the Vertizontal Gallery.

I have displayed many pieces of art as well as my latest altered book. Please visit and leave comments here.


Anonymous said...

Hi JVo,

Tonight was my first visit to your gallery. It's cool, and I liked the fact that there were no velvet ropes or motion sensitive alarms in front of any of the paintings. (I usually stand way back when I view art, but sometimes I can get just a tad too close. Ah well, that's why museum's have security guards, right? Guess I give them job security!)

I love it that you're so creative and willing to share your art. And even if you'll never be another TK, I hope you'll keep the creative spirit in you forever. (Won't it be cool when we get to do chalk drawings on the golden streets in heaven?!)


John said...

thanks, VLL. you crack me up. no, i will never be TK. but really, who could?

Anonymous said...

Love it John! Wow! Seriously cool work. You are still my hero!

Much Love,

Byler B said...

JOHN! You should sell your art, I would buy some -

Josh Cassidy said...

dude, sweet gallery! your work is beautiful!

Roann Mathias said...

Wow! Thanks for posting your work. There is so much depth to it -- I keep wanting to look closer. Really nice.