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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't Just Watch it Once

Finally got to sit down and watch “Once” with my wife. Wow. One of the best stories I have seen. One of the best musical stories I have seen. I cried multiple times.

This movie—about a Dublin street musician and a Czech immigrant musician/flower girl who find friendship and a refreshing affinity for one another stole my heart.

Halfway through the movie I realized we didn’t know their names. And we never do learn them. Interesting how such well-rounded characters can befriend us without even knowing a name.

Amazing score. Wonderfully fresh plot.

So many sermon illustrations.

I bought the movie at Christmas on a recommendation and it took this long to sit and watch it (too many LOST episodes to catch up on). What a great treat this is.

I highly recommend turning on the subtitles. Between and Irish brogue and a soft-spoken Czech accent, you will get a little frustrated at times and the subtitles help immensely.

The song “Falling Slowly” from the movie is nominated for an Academy Award. The song made me weep like a little girl when I heard it the first time. Dang.

I highly recommend it to everyone. If you are a musician, stop what you are doing and run—don’t walk to buy the DVD.

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Randy (severely jet lagged)

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bobby said...

Dude, it's on my Netflix queue now. Thanks for the suggestion.

And I'm loving the steady stream of posts coming from your blog now! ;)
Great stuff!

One Busy Mom said...

Gonna got get it. Thanks.

Kari said...

Totally agree!! It was amazing and I hope the song wins the academy award.