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Friday, July 06, 2007

No, Money Doesn't make the World Go 'Round, but . . .

Had such a lift in my spirit today.

Westwinds began taking online donations this week in order to make it easier for our people to give and to accept donations from those who believe in the ministry of Westwinds

Unfortunately, with the Michigan economy, we had to lay off 5 staff members this month. Our friends. Our comrades. Very sad.

But, I know God has more invested in Westwinds than I do. We have hope. It’s just that our people are struggling. We are all feeling it.

Today, our first online gift came from a friend in Vancouver who believes in what God is doing here. I almost felt like the gift was for me. This guy doesn’t even attend Westwinds but he sent us a gift of $1,850.

Thank you, our Vancouver friend. Thank you for following your heart and listening to God. I am encouraged.


go to said...

DUDE. I heart you.