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Monday, July 23, 2007


My daughter Kasidy came to help me at church the other day. I love taking her to work with me because it helps her develop a good service ethic and it builds an affinity for the place Daddy goes to work--which also happens to be her church.

She worked really hard running the vacuum and cleaning the chalkboards in the studios. I told her I would pay her $1 per 15 minutes of work. When she was all done, she came to ask me how much she had made.

"8 bucks!" I told her. Her eyes lit up and she jumped up and down. She told me that she only wanted me to give her 3 dollars. She told me to keep the 5 dollars and make sure I put it in the offering basket at church because she wanted to make sure she was giving 10 percent.

I teared up. She was jumping up and down because of how much she had to GIVE.

We talked math a little bit. I told her that 10 percent was 80 cents but I would give whatever she wanted and that God was smiling at her because of her heart. She recalculated in her mind. She said that she would still like to give at least 1 dollar because she knows that God would like that.

Dang. The things I learn from my kids.

In her mind, 5 bucks must have been 10 percent because it was the biggest portion.