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Monday, February 05, 2007

My Superbowl Stats

National Gluttony Day was good to me.

Tahni and I are in Nashville, TN this week for the world-famous re:create conference ( This blog is dedicated to my faves and raves of the day, observations, and Superbowl statistics. And now, for your reading pleasure:

Today’s diet--
Beverages: 12 cups of coffee, one Sweetwater Blue beer, 5 diet cokes, 16 glasses of water, 2 pomegranate martinis, 1 Baileys/Butterscotch schnapps concoction (it has a name but, I don’t want to receive any bad comments about it)
Junk food: tortilla chips, chocolate cake, some killer artichoke dip with cherry tomatoes
Food of substance: 2 eggs over-easy, lettuce wraps, coleslaw, 1 ham and cheese sandwich, and sweet gherkins
Incidentals: 4 ibuprofen, loads of Chapstick, Rolaids

Top Three Commercials (view them all at
1. Doritos (Frito Lay) “Checkout”—I especially loved the fact that this commercial was the result of a contest and they gave credit to the creator. Kristin Dehnert of Pacific Palisades—you did a great job!

2. Anheuser Busch “Hitchhiker with an axe”—This was really funny (as most beer ads are). Why is church attendance on the decline? Simple. Beer ads are more engaging than most church services.

3. General Motors “Men can’t keep their hands off it”—if you can stomach this ad in which men do a striptease-like car wash routine you should definitely check it out. This one got the most out-loud laughter from our little party.

Runner Up
Sierra Mist commercial with Jim Gaffigan’s beard combover. I laughed. I cried. I peed.

Suckiest Commercial I don’t even remember it. I just wrote down “sucks” on my notepad as I was watching. You guys should have held on to your 2.6 million dollars. Dumb.

Best Testosterone Moment
Snickers commercial. Two guys ripping out their chest hair to prove their accidental kiss was not the least bit enjoyable.

Most Creative Musical Commercial
“Chevrolet in the Music.” General Motors did a great job with this montage of hit songs with mentions of Chevrolet in the lyrics. Great job.

Best Push-the-envelope Commercial
Sprint “Connectile Disfunction.” In the words of my good friend Pat Callahan, “the only thing that would have made it better is an appearance by Bob Dole.”

Best Non-Commercial Commercial
David Letterman and Oprah on the couch. Perfect. If you are a fan of Letterman, you know how perfect this was.

Dumbest Sports Commentator Comment
With 1:53 left to go in the first quarter after an attempted interception Jim Nantz replied . . . “well, a Bear got a paw on it.” That was a stretch Jim. I was disappointed. You could have made it cool by keeping it going with other dumb comments. Then, it would have gone past lame and it would have come back to funny. Possible additional comments include, “That was BEARY disappointing,” “You can’t blame him for missing it in these GRIZZLY conditions” and “He’ll be crying in his porridge later.”

Most Striking Look-alike
Indianapolis Colts player #73 Jake Scott looked strikingly like James Hetfield of Metallica with his helmet on.

Dumbest Call
3rd quarter unnecessary roughness call on Colts #98 Mathis. Dumb. He slipped. He wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. Even if he was . . . it’s football. It is supposed to hurt. Oh well, they won.

Coolest Quote
Jim Nantz (or maybe it was Phil Simms) on Tony Dungy: “Some coaches lead by fear . . . the players respect him so much, they fear letting him down."

Most Endearing Moment
The look on Tony Dungy’s face as he was searching through the crowd to find Bear’s coach Lovie Smith and give him a hug. It was very Jerry Maguire.

Most Decadent Moment
Okay. So Peyton Manning signed one of the biggest deals in NFL history 2 years ago when he signed a 7 year, 98+ million dollar contract complete with a 34.5 million dollar signing bonus and a projected 19 million more in roster bonuses. BUT, I guess Cadillac thought he should have been excited about winning a 55,000 dollar Cadillac Escalade. What are they thinking? My vote is for Cadillac to donate the 55 grand to Florida hurricane victims in Manning’s name. Manning makes 55 grand in the time it takes them to announce the MVP. Lame. Lame. Lame.

Confusing God-Moment
I am proud of Tony Dungy and his outspoken faith. I am proud there are guys like him in the Christ-follower camp. He is well respected and loved. However, between Dungy and owner Jim Irsay’s acceptance speeches there were an awful lot of God-props that I felt uneasy about. I am sure they are sincere but, it just seems a little weird to me to thank God for a Superbowl victory. Jesus wasn’t Manning’s throwing arm. Please don’t send me comments on this. I am all for giving God credit. I just don’t think God cared one way or the other about this game.

Half Time Show Ramblings
Prince was awesome. Phenomenal. I would tell you all I cried at the end but some of you would laugh. So I won’t tell you I cried. You just have to guess if I did or not. The man was passionate and polished. The system sounded great. The tele was mixed loud and up front as it should be because Prince is a guitar genius. The Hendricks cover (or Dylan cover depending on how you look at it) was not a surprise. HOWEVER, the Foo Fighters cover was amazing. Wow! I have always said everything Dave Grohl touches turns to gold—apparently Prince agrees. As a sold-out Foo fan, I was jumping out of my seat. A Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is given the keys to the halftime kingdom and he covers Foo Fighters. This should tell you all you need to go buy every Foo album there is. P.S. Princes 3121 is in my top ten albums of 2006.

And so, it all begins again.