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Friday, February 09, 2007

Elrod and the Lamed-Vov

You may have heard the story of the Lamed-Vov. My friend David McDonald first introduced me to it.

The legend of the Lamed-Vov is one of my favorite mystical, mysterious and magical myths of the religious world. According to the Talmud (and growing through Jewish oral tradition), the world is allowed to operate because of 36 righteous ones.

The world is preserved and is in the process of redemption because of these 36 individuals who exist at any time throughout history.

As one individual dies he is replaced by another. No one really knows where the legend originated though it may have been generated out of the biblical account of Abraham bartering with Yahweh over the destruction of Sodom.

The legend says the 36 mysterious righteous ones appear and disappear at times of great peril as well as playing a daily influential role. Because of their righteousness and humility, they are sequestered from their anonymity in order to rise to the challenge and redeem the world.

The story says only God knows who the Lamed-Vov are. The curious thing is the Lamed-Vov are not even aware of who they are or the crucial role they play in the preservation and redemption of the world.

I sometimes like to guess whom the individuals are.

I have come to the conclusion that Randy Elrod is Lamed-Vov. Randy ( has done more to influence the arts community than any individual I know.

Randy has given hundreds of individuals a platform and permission to imagine through his annual think-tank extravaganza known as re:create. But, this is only one dimension of Randy’s genius. Take some time to read about Kalein artist development center. Randy has dreamed up a one of a kind dream center where artists are equipped to discover, develop and discipline their calling.

Stay tuned to Randy’s blog and I promise you will not be inundated with innate ideas or random minutia. Rather, you will be encouraged and inspired to intentionally collide with your world as an influencer.

Unless you’re content with the status quo. In which case, you probably aren’t reading this.