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Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Special Day

Sound the alarm. Let it be written in the annals of Jackson history. A new day is dawning.

As I sat eating a bowl of oatmeal and sipping a rather large cup of french roast this morning, my wife plopped the newspaper on the table. The front page read: New Starbucks Coming to town.

I guess they chose the word "new" because they consider the kiosk inside of our local Meijer and the counter at Spring Arbor University to be real Starbucks coffee shops. We affectionately refer to those sites as Fauxbucks.

Faux( adjective)
1. From the French, faux literally means "false" or "artificial"
2. When a coffee shop has to ask you how to make a breve latte

I can't wait. Call me crazy. Call me a sellout. Call me whatever you want. You can tell me face to face if you want. I will be at Starbucks.


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