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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wow. I am just making the deadline for a 4-17 entry. Up late again.

I took a nap at Cascades park today. Only for about 20 minutes, but it still counted. Spring is in the air. My daughter woke me up by throwing grass clippings in my face. (I had to remember that those things are funny to a five year old.)

As I laid there drifting off to sleep though, my mind was racing. What does God have for us as the next step? (I'm feeling pretty confident I know what it is, but I am hesitant to tell the world at this point). Ideas and dreams were occupying my head-space and I continued to dream as I drifted off to sleep. Some of the dreaming was exciting. Some scary--I guess that's part of faith.

Tahni and I continued to dream as we took a long walk together (with Kasidy and Connor on their scooters close by us). We continued to dream as we all went to get a burger together. We continued to dream as we went out to Beaners coffee with our friends Tom and Janet. Its a season for dreaming for the Voelz family. In all of the questions and seeking, I must say I am not afraid. Not because I am some super-human. I think its because of history. God is constant. I have a myriad of mementos in my mind to prove it.

Karysa just starred in her High School production of Footloose--The Musical. I am so proud of her. She rocked. Good voice. Good moves. Good acting. The musical had a strange impact on me. I was sitting there watching my baby (3 times this week) and feeling so happy for her. I was watching the look on her face. I was studying her. She has so much passion and it shows in her countenance. This has been a dream of hers--to have a main role. Of course, it didn't matter what the musical was, my daughter was the MAIN PLOT in my mind. But, I did pay attention to the story line. It was about a boy--Ren-- who had passion, life, vitality, and was a dreamer (you probably all saw the movie). He just wanted to dance.

Don't we all just want to dance? We want to be in tune with the music. We want a partner by our side. We want to be wanted by our partner. In all the hustle and bustle, we want to enjoy the drifting around life's dance floor. We want to celebrate. We want to express our passion. We want to feel like we have something to dance about. Sometimes, the music calls for slow dancing and sometimes its time to get our groove on. This week was a good reminder for me that I love this dancehall. The mix is exciting--never dull. I love my partner. I love the ones we are dancing with.

I will be 37 on Wednesday. I feel like I have learned more in the last year than all the years combined. I am thanking God for passion. For life. For family. For vision. For faith. For energy. For wisdom. For the unknown.

Like Ren, I am enjoying the dance.