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Monday, April 11, 2005

Here's the wrap-up on the xxxchurch weekend for all of you who are hanging on the edge of your seat:

We had a good turnout. No picketers. Nobody creating a stir. No riots. God smiled on the weekend. The media circus was a little much, but good things have come of it--the papers are now singing a different song. The media showed up and got a good dose of love.

You can search for TV stations in your area that broadcast A Current Affair at to catch the interview with me and hear the story of porn weekend from their perspective. I haven't seen it yet. It should air this week. They held off airing it last week because of the Pope's passing.

Craig Gross was funny yet very serious about the dangers of pornography. Many people signed up to be in accountability groups following the weekend. I understand our first new group met this week and was well attended.

Dave and Rachael of Audio Collective did some great interviews that will give you a better idea of what took place when xxx was here. The following link includes an interview with Bill Day (Director of Missionary Positions--the documentary on, Craig Gross of, and myself. Take a few minutes and give it a listen. The interviews begin about 4 minutes into the podcast: