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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ending Daylight Savings: A One-Day Gift to Churches

When it’s time for Daylight Savings Time to end and we all “fall back,” I don’t remind anyone at church. It’s a one-day gift to churches. And, it’s humorous all around.

1. Those who forgot find parking spaces at church.
2. Those who usually arrive a half hour late learn you have a band that doesn’t just play at the end.
3. The band actually gets an extra hour sleep. They are always the first to arrive at the church.
4. Some families feel joy for actually arriving to church on time.
5. Lazy people wake up closer to the hour the really should.
6. Some realize they actually have no excuse to not go to church and have an "aha" moment while they’re eating breakfast.
7. Some get to eat breakfast.
8. The drummer isn’t late.
9. The look on the faces that forgot is priceless and fun to laugh at.
10. Don’t tell the ones who show up a whole hour early what’s going on, hand them a vacuum and thank them for coming to the early cleaning party.
11. Give a tour to all the folks who show up early and show them the areas they can serve in on a weekend.
12. Those who set the alarm on their mobile phones that automatically reset during the night poke fun at the people who use an alarm clock.
13. People feel bad for screaming at their kids to rush them to church and recall the words they said to their kids that morning like “you’re so irresponsible” and “how hard is it to set an alarm?”
14. People in parts of Arizona get to feel superior for a day.
15. You get to have the “what’s better . . . an extra hour of sleep or staying up an extra hour?” debate.

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