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Monday, May 31, 2010

"Jesus Manifesto" -- A Book, An App, and a Song.

Over the years, you’ve heard me talk a lot about my love for Len Sweet’s writing and speaking. As a matter of fact, I credit his book, Carpe Mañana as a major part of the impetus for a new chapter in our lives where God ushered us to Michigan to be part of Westwinds Church over 6 years ago. Len has been an encourager and spiritual mentor to me. And, over the years he has become a friend.

In early March, I received a thrilling invitation—-to write a song to be the official theme song of Len Sweet and Frank Viola’s new book, Jesus Manifesto.

After reading the book galleys and taking it all in, I sent some songs I wrote (inspired by the book) to Len and Frank. We all decided on “It’s Jesus” as the song to be released in tandem with the book.

The song is available on iTunes right now! And, you can also download the free app a.k.a. the nano-manifesto from the iTunes store. The app is somewhat of a tract version of Jesus Manifesto complete with a summary, a preview of the book, helpful links, and the song for your iPhone.

Click here to buy the song from iTunes! John Voelz - It's Jesus (Official Theme Song of Jesus Manifesto)

Click here for app!

Click here for book on sale at Amazon! ON SALE BEGINNING TUESDAY, JUNE 1st!

You can join the Facebook group here.

This has been a joy ride for me. On a personal level, I respect and admire both Len and Frank very much. I am pleased with the amount of trust they have placed in me. As an artist, I am thrilled with the final product. As a Jesus follower and pastor, I am ecstatic about the book for Jesus’ church worldwide and honored to be associated with it.

Jesus Manifesto is heartening, refreshing, and convicting. My first read through the book was timely—-right in the middle of a series we were doing in the book of Colossians. If Colossians was the melody, Jesus Manifesto was the harmony.

Here is a brief description of what you will find in, Jesus Manifesto:

“Christians have made the gospel about so many things—things other than Christ. Religious concepts, ideas, doctrines, strategies, methods, techniques, programs, and formulas have all eclipsed the beauty, the glory, and the reality of the Lord Jesus Himself. On the whole, the Christian family today is starved for a real experience of the living Christ. We know a lot about our Lord, but we don't know Him very well. We know a lot about trying to be like Jesus, but very little about living by His indwelling life. "Jesus Manifesto" presents a fresh unveiling of Jesus as not only Savior and Lord, but as so much more. It is a prophetic call to restore the supremacy and sovereignty of Christ in a world—and a church—that has lost sight of Him. Read this book and see your Lord like you've never seen Him before.”

Please, go download the song! And, wait until Tuesday, June 1st to buy the book from Amazon. Spread the word!

P.S. Some time ago, there was some talk surrounding an evangelical manifesto that was circulating. Please do not confuse this book with that movement. This book is about Jesus. Pure. Simple. It is not political. It is not militant. It is not about who is in and who is out. It is not about rules and regulations. It is not about doctrine or methodology. It is about refocusing on Jesus in the midst of many distractions.

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