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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome to Westwinds PSA

We've been running a PSA on the weekends at The Winds. It has been very helpful. Gives people the info. Makes people laugh. Purposefully robotic and monotone and fast. We have received great feedback from newbies and seasoned Windies alike. Here is the new PSA we will run this weekend.

Welcome to Westwinds.
You have been assimilated.
Not really, you are not a robot.
You make your own choices.

That was our attempt at humor.
We don’t make you into anything.
Jesus does.
Jesus is why we are here.

Great things happen in this place.
We want you to belong.
We want you to be part of us.
So really, we want you to be assimilated.
But, not to become like us.
We want you to be like Jesus.
Now, if we are like Jesus, we want you to be like us.

Let’s start over.

Westwinds is people.
People who love Jesus.
People who aren’t perfect.
Some people think they are, but they aren’t.
We call them liars.
But not to their face.
We aren’t perfect.
None of us are perfect.
If you think you’re perfect, join a Sunday morning bowling league.
Your time will be better spent and we will frustrate you.
That is, if they have Sunday morning bowling leagues.
We don’t know.
Because we are here.

We need Jesus.
You do too.
You may not even know it yet.
But you are here.
Jesus knows you are here.
He wants you to know him.
We want you to know him.

The place you are in is called Fusion.
It’s our name for the weekend shindig.
This thing.
It might be different than what you are used to.
We like singing.
We like praying.
We like laughing.
We like learning.
We like seeking.
We like asking questions.
We are spiritually curious.
Somewhat disenfranchised.
Somewhat intellectual.
We like movies, good books, eating, rock and roll, the Bible, people, and hanging out.
So, we try to do all that here.
We enjoy life.
Jesus said he wanted us to have life.
He is the life.
The way, the truth, and the life.
Again, that’s why we’re here.

Once people pick a church, they usually ask, “What’s next?”
“Where do I fit?”
“How do I get involved?”
We believe Jesus wants us to do something.
Something for our world.
Something for our relationships.
Something for our soul.
Something for our church.
The spiritual life is not passive.
It doesn’t just happen.
That’s where Causemology comes in.
Causemology is our simple way of giving you some options for you to do something
So you can know God more.
On the wall outside of this space, to the right, around the corner,
you can see the things we are currently doing.
They will all change soon.
We change things often.
We like change.
Change is good.
Bob Dylan said, “the times, they are a-changin’.
We think he was right.
But, it wasn’t Dylan’s idea.
It was Jesus’ idea.
Bob borrowed it and made a lot of money.
We digress.

We have groups meeting throughout the week.
We call them satellites.
Because they are like little versions of us.
Smaller groups.
Doing life.
Here is the church.
Here is the steeple.
Open the doors and see all the people.
This is church but only because the people are here.
They are out there as well.
Throughout the week.
In satellites.
If you want to be in a satellite, let us know.
Write it down on the little card inside of that thing you were handed on the way in.
We call it The Draft.
It’s like a bulletin with a cooler name.
If you weren’t handed anything, we need to fire an usher.
Let us know their name, we will deal with them promptly.
Again, our attempt at humor.

Our kids meet down the hall in spaces designed for them.
We don’t want them to hate church like we did growing up.
We want them to love it.
And love Jesus.
So, they meet in creative spaces full of art, stories, music, wonder, and mystery.
They seek God.
Like us, but in mini-me kinds of ways.
They won’t understand the big words.
And, sometimes we talk about stuff that’s just for big people.
We usually issue a PG-13 warning.
Because, let’s face it, life is at least PG-13 most of the time.

Speaking of teens, they meet in this space on Sunday evenings.
They also hang out at various times throughout the week.
Kickin it.
Because, that's what teens do.
They hang.
They hang out here Sunday morning too.
Because, they understand the big words.
And, they like this as much as we do.
But, they still want their own space.
Even though we have mad skizzills.
Fo Shizzle.
Rip tizzle.
Sunday nights.
Middle School and High School.
Dat is crunk.

Bottom line . . . we’re glad you are here.
Relax, but don’t relax.
Breathe easy but sing out.
Be chill but meet someone new.
Don’t be afraid to laugh or cry . . . or both.
Talk to God.
Listen to God.

Welcome to The Winds.

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