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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zach Williams Folk Prophet

I met Zach WIlliams at Q in Austin this week. Zach opened Q with an acoustic guitar and sang a song that summoned all the good things I love about the prophetic singer songwriters in the tradition of Dylan, Cash, Jonatha Brooke, Derek Webb, Jon Foreman, Sufjan Stevens and the likes. Zach is a legit new folk voice with a sense of urgency and daring vulnerability.

On top of all the great vibe and the rapture of my musical senses, Zach was a great conversationalist with a huge heart for Brooklyn (where he is involved in a church plant) and a huge love for Jesus and people. Zach strikes me as the guy who wears others' burdens physically. He internalizes others' struggles and feels a deep sense of their pain. I think that's what makes him a great songwriter. You can buy some of his stuff on iTunes but the real magic is seeing him live. He's a great storyteller to keep your eye on.

Zach is planting a church in Brooklyn and is connected with my friend Jon Tyson, pastor of Trinity Grace Church in NYC.

Zach Williams - Zach Williams and the Ramparts

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