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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ramblings on Music

When I bought my first CD back in the late 80's I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt we were witnessing a revolution. CD’s required a CD player of course, which I could not afford until after CD's had been out for a little while. But, when I got it, my whole world changed.

When I started purchasing music online, it was a revolution of another kind--even more monumental. I told my wife we were witnessing the beginnings of the end of the record industry and that if record companies didn't start doing something HUGE to entice people to purchase plastic discs, they were going down in flames.

I guess I was a prophet of sorts (but, so was everyone else).

CD's now boast elaborate inserts, free tickets, codes to hidden websites, backstage passes, autographed interiors, DVD components, extra tracks not available online (although the digital world has fought back on this one), etc. They have a long way to go to survive and they will probably bite the dust but . . . good thinking.

I love the revolution. BUT, I miss the artwork on vinyl landscapes, the large inserts in album jackets, the fancy covers ala Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, etc. I used to spend countless hours in record stores going through the bins looking at the artwork. I know I am dating myself but those Ozzie covers, Maiden covers, YES covers, Pink Floyd, Stones, Zeppelin, etc. blew my mind and got my money. So did Petra. Those covers were awesome.

Yet, I spent over 1500 dollars on iTunes last year and less than 300 on CD's.

ALL of that to say . . . every once in a while, there is nothing digital that replaces the experience I get when I hold a piece of art in my hands and read through inserts I hold in my hands on real paper. I love the smell, the feel, that je ne sais quoi.

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