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Monday, August 18, 2008

Songs That Work

This morning, the “Today” show did a report on what athletes listen to on their iPods before they compete.

Michael Phelps didn’t seem to have a “particular” set of songs he listens to but he did mention he was listening to Lil Wayne’s, “I’m Me” just before the last race. If you are interested in reading the lyrics to that one go here but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Most of us have songs that pump us up. Some of us probably don’t want to admit what those songs are in case we are shamed by our friends who make fun of our choices or we are forced to explain why a song of a certain nature gets us moving (see Lil Wayne above).

I have a whole list of songs that get me fired up or put me in a good mood for a host of reasons. Make fun of me all you want. I’m not turning the dial.

Here are a few that come to mind. It is BY NO MEANS a complete list. Add to it! What else makes you want to drive fast or cry or both? You don't make fun of me, I won't make fun of you (okay, we'll probably make fun of each other).

Back in Black AC/DC
Photograph Def Leppard
Rock and Roll Led Zeppelin
Street of Dreams Rainbow
Helter Skelter The Beatles
Show Me How to Live Audioslave
Hard to Handle The Black Crowes
Killing in the Name Rage Against the Machine
Dancing Queen ABBA
Hey Ya! OutKast
Mr. Telephone Man New Edition
Lovefool The Cardigans
Let Me Go Cake
Dreams The Cranberries
Friday I’m in Love The Cure
Ordinary World Duran Duran
Hotel California The Eagles
Bennie and the Jets Elton John
Are You Gonna Go My Way? Lenny Kravitz
Sweet Child O’ Mine Guns N Roses
Reminiscing Little River Band
Switchin’ to Glide The Kings
Love is Like a Rock Donnie Iris
In the Dark Billy Squier
Extraordinary Liz Phair
Music Madonna
New Year's Day U2
Senorita Justin Timberlake
Santeria Sublime
Interstate Love Song STP
Blue Collar Man STYX
Modern Love David Bowie
Don't Dream it's Over Crowded House
Zoot Suit Riot Cherry Poppin' Daddys
Daylight Fading Counting Crows

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