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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Site 2.0 Behold

Imagine having a staff where, 4 years ago there were 15 people doing the work that 6 people now do because of budget restraints.

Imagine that same 6 people turning up the heat and creating some of the most innovative art and hatching some of the most intriguing experiments to engage the church in conversation that we have seen in the church’s 20-year history.

Welcome to Westwinds.

Whenever I meet someone who says they could not possibly do the things Westwinds does because they don’t have the budget, resources, or staff, I chuckle inside. Lie.

One of the things I am most excited about recently is the brainstorm of my partner in crime—David McDonald. David, as our Narrative:Coriolis has begun creating websites dedicated to individual teaching series we have here at Westwinds through the use of iWeb.

We have been publishing “teaching atlases” of each series for the church which have been full of great art and notes and sidebar conversations surrounding the series’ for some time. They fly off the shelves.

Now, people will have an option to visit a series’ site, download all the notes and manuscripts, pdf’s, vodcasts, and podcasts of the series.’

Our maiden voyage begins with the series “Smoke and Dust” from the book of Ecclesiastes.

Be watching for future series sites. All artwork and material is created in-house. The artwork is usually Dave’s art, my art, Angie’s art, or any combination of those. This Smoke and Dust series is all Angie’s artwork and Dave’s material.

P.S. Angie is my assistant. The artwork you will see on the site is all because we said, "Angie, we want it to kinda look like the Sin City artwork." Done. Angie rules.

There is no other staff on earth I want to work with at this time.

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Tim M said...

Angie. Stewart. Is. Totally. Awesome. Full Stop.