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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Does that Make You Feel?

My wife Tahni is a genius.

The other night, our youngest daughter was having one of those “not so good” evenings. They come around every once in a while. Not your average run-of-the-mill meltdowns but the kind that make any parent want to go for a run and keep running Forest Gump style.

Dad is usually pretty patient. However, all the right buttons had been pushed all in the right order and I was about to lose it.

Tahni said she would sit with Kasidy for a bit and talk.

They were in the bedroom for a bit and Kasidy emerged after about 30 minutes with a smile. Tahni spoke up, “hey, Daddy why don’t you bring your computer in here with us.”

Tahni suggested—instead of talking about all the “issues” to let someone else raise the concerns. She suggested Kasidy take some online “personality tests” as a fun experiment—kinda like a game. “You’d be amazed how much these things know about you, Kasidy!”

We took a few different tests—colors, shapes, Q & A, “feeling” experiments, etc.

This is why my wife Tahni rules : : :

• Kasidy loves the computer
• Kasidy loves games
• Kasidy loves to talk about herself
• Personality tests cover the good and the bad which allowed us to celebrate and laugh at all the things that were spot-on about her strengths and discuss all the “sensitive” things without actually bringing them up
• Kasidy did most of the leading through the test results—agreeing, giving examples, etc.
• Kasidy learned a lot about herself in the process and WE weren’t the ones who pointed the finger.

I highly suggest you save this little exercise for one of “those” times.

I would print the results here but my daughter would be embarrassed and it wouldn’t be fair to her. Let’s just say, she is my child. And her mother’s. Truth be told, we got a little spanking in the process as we went through her results and said, “dang. I do the same thing. We have cursed our poor daughter.”

You can find a few great free tests here.


WEK said...

Yes, wives are truly G*D's gift to us lesser beings, his first prototypes! What a fun experience with Kasidy. Didn't have the ease of access with the internet when JLK was that age, but it should be quite interesting when CJK arrives...