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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's This? A New Leeland CD?

Hello sweet sounds of goodness. I didn't hear you come in audio ambrosia. Hello new Fusion setlist.

Thank you EMI.

Look for your copy next week friends!

I love this kid. Great energy. Good heart.

We are going to end up doing so many of these tunes at Westwinds. Dang.

I saw the songbook that goes with the album last week in Nashville as well. Looks great. Cool paper. Cool colors. Funky. Like Bay City Rollers meets Partridge Family.

The sound is very much what you would expect from the debut album. I didn't think he could do it twice, honestly. I was wrong. Buy it next week. Period. Because I said so.


Anonymous said...

Ah...i found you. Great hanging out with you at recreate. I finished a pic of you guys that I love. I'll send it asap. peace.