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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Song of the Week

Vertizontal has a new feature. In the right column of this blog you will notice a "Song of the Week" selection. Each week, I will be posting a new original song or song by an independent artist.

If you would like to have a song featured on Vertizontal, send me an mp3 and a note ensuring you are the owner of said song and have the rights to allow me to post it. Mail your mp3 to

I will give your song a good listen. I promise. Vertizontal has a content standard that will not allow me to post bad recordings (quality of recording) so please only send mp3's that sound good.

I cannot guarantee I will post every song that comes in but I will promise to listen to every one and consider posting. Please send a description of the song no more than 3 sentences in length. Longer descriptions will be omitted as I don't want to take time to edit or figure out what you really want to say. Dig?

Your song does not have to be a "corporate worship" tune to be included.

If your song is selected as a Song of the Week I will also blog about the song and link back to your website.

Bring it on! We are all in this together. Share the love. I expect mp3's today!

Today's selection is an original entitled, "Dreaming." The song was written with my oldest daughter in mind who seems to carry the burdens of the world on her shoulders and actually believes she can make a difference. And : : : she can and will. I love you Karysa.


Anonymous said...

Where's the song?

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I'm still learning that whole "following instructions" thing.

John said...

Ha ha. You found it then?