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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shelf Life

So let’s just say I want to grab every book I have collected on the topic of “creativity,” or all of my C.S. Lewis books, or everything I own by N.T. Wright, or my entire collection of books on the Beatles and display them in a creative way other than dedicating space on my bookshelves and finding bookends to hold them up. Nendo in Tokyo, Japan has come up with a freaking cool idea : : : the book&shelf.

Now, it doesn’t take but half a second for any creative to realize that there is more than one way to accomplish the same kind of effect with any number of materials that can be acquired for next to nothing. Corrugated cardboard? Foam core? That funky stuff in the front half of Michael’s that is used for hideous fake plants?

I am totally stealing this idea. How cool would it be to create something like this for items displayed in a church lobby? Bulletins? Church bookstores? Or . . . how about creating a communion interactive using custom made cubbies for books and bread and wine?

Great idea. Thought I’d pass it on.