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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 in Review

This is going to be a good year if it is anything close to the last.

Here are some of my highlights of ’07 . . .

Tahni and I celebrated 20 years of marriage in ’07 with a cruise. I saved for months without her knowing—birthday gifts, Christmas cash, royalties, etc. so it was almost like the cruise was free since it didn’t hit our checkbook at all.

My best friend since fourth grade—Michael Hill—and I launched Popnovella films at Looking forward to 2008 being the year for Popnovella to thrive.

Attended cre:ate conference in Nashville in February and talked to Bebo Norman at the urinal in a restaurant. Also had a good conversation with one of my childhood music idols Eddie DeGarmo. Played a joke on my good friend Ben by getting a picture with Leland holding a sign that said, “Ben Who?” Got a picture taken with Amy Grant and talked to her for a few minutes after sneaking backstage with my friend Pat who left about 45 seconds too early because he didn’t want to wait any longer.

Saw the Blue Man Group at the Palace in Detroit. Rocked my world.

Saw Fountains of Wayne in Detroit. Heck ya.

Saw David Crowder at the House of Blues in Chicago. Awesome.

Saw Counting Crows in Detroit. Dang.

Saw Sheryl Crow in Detroit. Yes!

Saw John Mayer in Detroit. Good show.

Saw Goo Goo Dolls in Detroit. Wonderful.

Saw Over the Rhine at The Ark in Ann Arbor. Beautiful.

Saw Underoath and Taking Back Sunday in Ypsilanti with Karysa. Our last Daddy-Daughter date with her as a single woman. Priceless.

Took Connor to a Pistons game at The Palace. They lost to Chicago. Ha ha. We thought we might die this night when a tornado like storm was blowing cars off the road and we got caught in the middle of it in the Jeep. We actually prayed and told God to spare us pain as we came home. We made it through and changed or shorts later.

My son Connor got his braces off after 4+ years.

Connor was also team captain of the soccer team (Western Panthers) this year. I got to announce all the games from the booth and put together my own game time mixes for the p.a.

Connor took his first mission trip without me and went to the outskirts of London to serve in a VBS type program with refugee Muslim children.

Spent a few days on lake Michigan near the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in July with friends. There is nothing quite like a Jeep with no top, no doors, and the Foo Fighters blaring as you cruise over dunes.

I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal and did an interview for an upcoming article in Leader magazine. Kinda fun.

Tahni got to take Connor on an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas and stay at the Atlantis resort compliments of the Pampered Chef.

I learned how to make sushi and now I make it pretty much twice a month.

Started a group called Aqua Vitae with a few buddies where we gather to talk about life, theology, God, family, etc. while tasting a variety of single malt scotches and learning all about the process and the regions.

Had a bunch of friends come visit from California this past year—Tony, John, Jon, Chris . . . it was incredible.

Went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland with Tony.

Spent a few days in Chicago with John, Jon, and Chris. Jon exercised his exhibitionist skills and kept us laughing.

Brother and Sister-in-law Doug and Amy came to visit with Jake and Chad—their two boys. I loved doing art projects with the boys and playing horse.

I completed my Johnny Depp film collection including documentaries and interviews.

Recorded a live album in September at Westwinds.

December 29th, my first baby girl—the one who made me a Daddy—got married to the love of her life, Charlie. Karysa and Charlie Trombley are currently staying in our guest room (at least I think they are . . . they haven’t come out for days) before they move to Connecticut.

At the end of December we learned our friend Randy is cancer free and coming back to work at Westwinds after a year. Amazing.

Ready for 2008!