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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Play a Game--Give a Meal

My daughter turned me on to the site and I love it! I am addicted—enthusiastic—captivated—obsessed. FreeRice has two goals:

1. Provide English Vocabulary to everyone for free
2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free

Basically, it’s a word challenge where you pick synonyms for words and each correct answer you provide buys 10 grains of rice. This site began in October of this year and so far 931,645,600 grains of rice have been donated.

The rice is paid for by advertisers on the site. Capital idea. Create a game. Drive People to the site. Get the attention of advertisers. Donate the money to end poverty. Luminous—dazzling—radiant—brilliant.

I used to have a horrible habit of correcting people’s language skills—sometimes in public settings—making it a little awkward—uncomfortable—discomfited. I think I am finally over it though it still bothers me when I hear really poor vocabulary. Unfortunately, I passed on the curse to my children (which is why I almost got punched in the neck by a guy in a video store because my son corrected him when he overheard him saying, “I seen that movie before.”)

Next time I get the urge to correct someone’s language skills, I am going to confine myself to the naughty chair and visit FreeRice. I’m sure I will get schooled a bit and feed someone in the process.

Check it out!