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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This Week's Interactive

We are doing an interactive worship component at Westwinds this week where we are inviting people to “position” themselves on a theological chart/timeline/lifeline by placing a marker on a giant wall we are repainting.

The wall is going to have enlarged reprints of sketches I did based on congruent themes in the OT and NT. There are comparisons/contrasts throughout all of scripture and we are focusing on 6 of them. Prophet/Apostle; Flood/John the Baptist; Monarchy/Kingdom of Heaven; Temple/Jesus; Babel/Pentecost; and Eden/Heaven.

One might see themselves in a time of life where they have recently recognized their inability to hide from God any longer and their longing desire to be fixated on Jesus and future healing and restoration—they might put themselves in the Eden/Heaven category. Someone might place themselves in the Prophet/Apostle section of the wall if they have a new-found calling or desire to be a mouthpiece for God, etc.

I want to share the pictures with you. The pictures you see will be painted in a semi-circular timeline. I will take pictures of the walls when we are done and share them with you.

I have an awesome privilege of being in a church where the sky is the limit on creativity and what we can try to pull of experientially on a weekend. Because we have this freedom and because we get to try so many new things, I want to be better about sharing those things with you.


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